We gaan terug de schoolbanken in! Op 17 oktober organiseert Jong Havenvereniging in samenwerking met het STC-NMU opnieuw een masterclass. Het onderwerp is deze keer ‘Port internationalisation; strategic value of overseas port cooperation and participation'. De voertaal deze avond is Engels.

In recent years port authorities in the Hamburg-Le-Havre range have actively pursued internationalisation strategies, due in no small part to the evolving role of port authorities. More and more port authorities consider themselves as network companies aiming to create value for their customers by developing chains, networks and clusters both in Europe and in emerging markets worldwide. In this Masterclass, Peter de Langen and Roger Clasquin explore the boundaries of the port authority in their quest to add value to their customers’ supply chain and deliver strategic value to their stakeholders at home.

17.00 hrs

17.20 hrs
Opening by Maurice Jansen Senior Manager Innovation, Research & Development

17.30 hrs
Presentation ‘Beyond the landlord model; an overview of port authority strategies’ by Peter de Langen, visiting professor NMU and owner Port & Logistics Advisory

18.15 hrs

18.30 hrs
Presentation ‘Collaboration and participation abroad: a case study’by Roger Clasquin, director Port of Rotterdam International

19.15 hrs
End of meeting

19.30 hrs
Drinks at Café Verhip

Schiezaal at STC-Group
Lloydstraat 300, Rotterdam

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